Roberto Pedicini

If you’ve seen a foreign film in America, you almost certainly saw it with subtitles, but in Italy every major film and television show is dubbed into Italian for exhibition. It’s a tradition that began at the dawn of sound film, when much of the Italian public was illiterate and Mussolini’s fascist regime saw an opportunity to both standardize the Italian language and censor foreign films through dubbing. Today, the Italians are world renown for their mastery of the art of dubbing, but the voice actors that lend their talent to Hollywood’s biggest stars remain largely behind the scenes.

Ugo De Cesare

IT’S BETTER IN ITALIAN follows three dubbers at different stages of their careers: Roberto Pedicini, a juggernaut talent among the doppiatori and the voice of Kevin Spacey, Javier Bardem, Jim Carrey, and many more; Davide Perino, a 4th generation dubber who has dubbed Elijah Wood since they were both 10-years-old; and Ugo De Cesare, a student of Roberto’s who hopes to break into the notoriously difficult industry. Through their stories, and commentary from a supporting cast of the most prolific Italian dubbers, we discover the difficulty of successfully practicing this obscure craft, both inside and outside of the loop booth.