ROBERTO PEDICINI was born to a humble family in Pescara, a small town off the east coast of Italy, but at the age of 18 he moved to Rome and began his career in dubbing. Since then, he has become one of the premiere dubbing talents in Italy, and is known as the official voice of Kevin Spacey, Javier Bardem, Jim Carrey, Ralph Fiennes and Woody Harrelson. In 1999 he won the Nastro D’Argento for Best Male Voice Actor for his work on The Truman Show and Celebrity; in 2002 he won Best Male Vocal Performance at the Voci nell’ombra for his work on Richard III; in 2006 he won Best Male Voice Actor at the Gran Galà del Doppiaggio; and in 2007 he won Best Dubber at the Gran Premio Internazionale del Doppiaggio. Roberto also teaches classes on dubbing technique in Rome and his hometown Pescara.



DAVIDE PERINO comes from a legacy of dubbers: his great-grandmother Aida Celeste Zanchi was one of the first dubbers in Italy, his grandfather Gianfranco Bellini was famous as the voice of Mickey Rooney, and his mother Silvia Bellini was a dubber prior to becoming his and his sister Elena Perino’s manager. Davide’s career dwarfs them all, as he is widely recognized as one of the most talented dubbers of his generation. He is most famous for his lifelong connection with Elijah Wood, whom he has dubbed exclusively since they were both 8-years-old. He won Best Animated Vocal Performance at the Gran Galà del Doppiaggio twice, once in 2007 and again in 2011, and he has been recognized by the Tolkien Society for his portrayal of Frodo Baggins, receiving particular praise for his use of Elvish.



UGO DE CESARE also hails from Pescara, but unlike Roberto and Davide, Ugo has only just begun pursuing a career in dubbing. He has always been interested in entertainment, finding work as a day-player in films shot at Cinecittà while simultaneously working as a receptionist at the distribution company Fandango. In 2012 he began taking dubbing lessons with Roberto, and now works tirelessly towards realizing his dream of becoming a professional dubber. Dubbing isn’t the only way he uses his voice—he’s also the frontman for a Bon Jovi coverband, Wanted.